Carrie Belle Events is named in honor of its founder’s grandmothers, both women born during the "Roaring Twenties."  Carrie Davis Gordon, born in Avery, Georgia, second eldest of five children.  Though she only matriculated to the eighth grade, she instilled the values of education and financial independence in her children and grandchildren.  Embracing a progressive feminist idealism, Carrie insisted that the women in her family define themselves not by society’s yardstick, but by their own sense of self-worth, fostered through a commitment to learning.  However, Carrie did not shy away from domestic life, taking pride in taking care of her family and making them smile every time she made their favorite dessert, sweet potato pie, the best in the world!   

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Annabelle Simpson Robinson embodied the history of America, attending Tuskegee Institute during George Washington Carver's tenure.  Utilizing the seamstress degree she earned, Annabelle opened seamstress shops in Atlanta, GA and Pittsburgh, PA.  Annabelle spoke fondly of the days when she made couture gowns for brides and their wedding parties.  Elegance and style are inextricable from Annabelle’s personality.  These women have shaped the vision and drive of Carrie Belle Events founder Robyne Gordon by giving her the ideals of strength, tenacity, grace, class, and unwavering commitment to helping others make their dreams a reality.  Welcome to the Carrie Belle Events family.  We would be honored to have you entrust Carrie Belle Events with your memories that are sure to last a lifetime.   

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