Our wedding packages have personality because the couples we serve have unique visions for their special event. If you prefer a concierge experience, your wedding planner will handle everything from venue scouting to choosing the perfect gift of thanks for the parents.  Our packages start at $2,500 and are customized based on the services you select, complexity of your wedding etc.  If you would like a more hands-on experience, lending your own style and personal touches,  Carrie Belle Events offers consultation to help you bring your vision to fruition and place the finishing touch and flourish on your day that professional wedding planning services provide.  

The Georgia Peach

Pricing starting at $7,500

Georgia is known for two things: 1.) Peaches 2.) Peaches.  The first you might already expect is the sweet and deliciously juicy fruit that calls this red-clay hilly land its home.  The second, not that much different, are the women with style, class, and grace who inhabit this state. The good news is that you don’t have to reside in Georgia to be a peach.  This wedding package is specially designed for the couple who would like a concierge wedding experience, where every detail is planned and taken care of by your personal wedding planner.   




The Sweet Jenny Gail

Pricing starting at $2,500

Like a memory, it is the simple niceties that make the most impact. What we recollect most are the small sweet things.   No matter how long they last, we remember them for all time.  This package is specially designed for couples that would like a professional finishing touch to their ceremony, but may not require the intensive coordination and planning that is characteristic of the other packages.